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Niteangel Aspen Bedding - Shavings 艾特杨木木花 | 65L

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Niteangel Aspen Bedding is made from all-natural, kiln-dried aspen wood. It does not contain any additives and is compostable and recyclable. Mix the bedding with other substrates such as hay to increase the structural strength of your hamster's burrows!

Suitable as the main bedding for hamsters as recommended by Hamster Society Singapore's Ultimate Starter Kit

  • Soft and comfortable texture
  • Supports burrowing and digging
  • Absorbs moisture well for an easy cleanup
  • Relatively lower in dust

Note: This is a thicker cut (8mm) of aspen shavings as compared to the shredded variation

Size: 65L / 2.5kg