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Rodipet Organic Dwarf Hamster Food SENiOR | 500g

by Rodipet
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Suitable as the main diet for dwarf hamsters (e.g. winter white, Campbell's, Roborovski) above 1 year of age. 

  • Age-appropriate diet
  • With vegetables and herbs
  • High-quality natural ingredients
  • From the food range of the natural habitat
  • 34 organically sourced ingredients
  • Organic certified by Eco-Monitoring Unit DE-021
  • Buckwheat, yellow millet, barley, corn flakes, oat flakes, rye, clover seeds, naked oats, hempseed, rapeseed, camelina seeds, quinoa, alfalfa seeds, carrot, amaranth, red clover seeds, parsnip, sunflower seeds, parsley leaves, sesame seeds, birch leaves, toasted soybeans, parboiled peas, spinach leaves, evening primrose seeds, beetroot, poppy seeds, golden linseed, nettle seeds, hazel leaves, milk thistle seeds, aniseed, black sesame seeds, brown linseed.

    All ingredients are organically sourced.

  • Guaranteed Analysis
    Crude Protein - 14.6%
    Crude Oils and Fats - 8.9%
    Crude Fiber - 8.3%
    Crude Ash - 4.2%

    Naturally contained minerals per 100g:
    Calcium - 240mg
    Phosphorus - 370mg
    Magnesium - 220mg
    Potassium - 460mg
    Sodium - 35mg

    Naturally contained trace elements:
    Iron - 12.85mg
    Manganese - 4.33mg
    Zinc - 5.31mg
    Copper - 0.11mg

  • Feed 1 heaped measuring spoon (this equals 1 heaped tablespoon) and one insect of your choice per day.

    Please check weekly how much food your pet has stashed away in his larder: if the stores are, figuratively, overflowing, please reduce the amount of food slightly; if there is hardly anything stored your pet probably needs a little more food.

    This tub contains approximately 90 measuring spoons worth of food, which lasts on average 2-3 months, depending on the animal.
Size: 500g